Cleaning Equipment


Plastic Drain Cleaning Set

THE PLASTIC  SET commonly used for domestic drainage use. It is a light weight, easily portable set that can expand to a maxim length of 48 feet, and has four fittings that come with the set. The four fittings are: scrapper, screw, plunger and brush.

THE SPRING STEEL SET commonly used for industrial drainage systems, where there is high use of chemicals, oils and food particles. It is made of flexible and strong spring steel material that extends its useful life. It can have a maximum length of 50 feet.


We manufacture high rise building cleaning equipment:

THE SKY BRUSH- this cleaning equipment can extend up to a length of 4 meters in the plastic and 6 meters in the aluminium. The sky brush is a light weight and easy to use equipment that has made dirty windows and dirty walls a thing of the past. The sky brush comes with a brush fitting, but various fittings can be attached to the sky brush.

CHIMNEY CLEANING SETS that can clean both industrial and domestic chimneys up to a height of 48 feet. The Chimney cleaning set comes with four fittings that are ideal and guarantee a clean chimney after the job is done.

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