Flower Farm Equipment

We service and supply a wide range of products for flower farms. Our most popular item is the flower guillotines; these are produced and serviced by us, pro-longing their life span. As we manufacture this equipment, we can fully service it and furnish any spares you need ASAP.

Flower Guillotines:  We have four main types of guillotines, designed to suit the needs of all the farms:

Guillotine RG IV- Bunch Cutter
  • RGI: Heavy duty can cut up to 30 stems at a time, made of high tensile treated blade material it also comes with a specialized handle.
  • RGII :The RGII is the most economical guillotine, with no sacrifice on quality, with small blades, it is a light weight guillotine that can be used in small farms.
  • RGII (3 blade guillotine): This is a newly designed cost effective guillotine, it is light weight making it easier for workers to use. It can cut up to 20 stems at a time.
Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper: We manufacture two types of wire strippers as pictured above; we have a smaller one for summer flowers and a larger one for roses. It’s an efficient manual way to remove thorns and leaves without damaging the flowers.

Sacateur Springs: We manufacture Sacateur springs for all makes of sacateurs, simply call us with the brand name of your sacateur or check out our Springs page to measure the right type of sacateur spring for you.

Smaller & More Rigid Rubber Fingers

Defoliator Machine (De-leafing): Designed with great care and precision to deleaf flower bunches automatically in a safe manner. With two arms, it can be used by two workers on either side, deleafing two bunches of roses at a time.

Defoliator Drawing

Designed with “easy to replace rubber fingers” that makes it convenient and easy for the users to replace them when need be, restoring efficiency.

Fitted with safety gadgets, to keep its users away from any sort of injury or accidents that may occur.

Rubber Fingers

It has been manufactured with great accuracy and distinguished engineering specifications, which makes it more durable and efficient.

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